Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers is a cool multiplayer online first person shooter at Abcya 2018. Players from all over the world will play as brave killer eggs armed with powerful weapons. Choose a type of egg and enter a nickname to step onto crazy battle full of shots and eggsplosions and give your best to blow your enemies’ yolk out. You can use a handgun, a sniper rifle, a shotgun or a heavy machine gun to kill all your opponents and be the best egg on the field.

Shell Shockers is a unique .io game abcya in which you take control of an egg and wield a variety of weapons in an attempt to kill your online opponents (yes you read it right – an egg). You must crack the other eggs open using your advanced weaponry whilst avoiding being cracked yourself. This is an online free for all and everyone is your enemy – there are no friends here!

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Be wary of your ammo count too – your weapon only has a limited supply and you must collect supplies from the ground and from defeated enemies. If your health runs low, try to escape to a quiet corner of the map and allow it to regenerate. Can you conquer the leaderboard and crack the highest number of eggs?


ShellShock(ers).io is developed by the Egg and Dairy Ministry of Belarus.

Release Date

September 2017


Web browser

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