Blood and Meat 2

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Blood and Meat 2 GamePlay:

Blood and Meat 2 is the sequel to the original and popular Blood and Meat survival title. In this version of abcya games, you must still try and fight against waves of incoming zombies and destroy them with any means possible. You are equipped with an immense heavy machine gun and you must wield it accurately to scythe down the undead.

This abcyagame is packed full of blood and gore and it is certainly not for the feint-hearted so prepare yourself for an intense battle! The graphics are cool, the gameplay is exciting and the zombies are realistic too. Can you make as much blood and meat as possible and survive with your machine gun?

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  • An endless FPS game to defend the incoming zombies in wave attacks
  • A lot of blood
  • You can't move and are equipped with a heavy machine gun
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