Anna Wedding Dress

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Today is a big day for Anna and the man of her life on Abcya for school. Is the day when they will swear in front of God to be together "till death do they part", is the day of their weeding. Anna is so happy to become the wife of this handsome and good man she loves so much.

On such an important day, she wants to look like a princess. This day must be perfect! That's why she wants you to help her get ready for the big moment. Get her dressed for the wedding as stylish as you can. In this abcyagames, carefully choose the perfect dress her her, make her up, do her hair, and don't forget about all that bridal accessories she needs! At the end, choose a background to take a photo of the happy bridal couple. Click Done to see the photo! 

Big news! Anna and Kristoff are going to get married, the wedding will be held tonight. Now, help Anna prepare for the wedding! Firstly, put on makeup, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. And then let's dress up, choose a gorgeous wedding dress, a beautiful hairstyle, stunning jewelries and complete the look with flowers.

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